The St. Dominic Difference

St. Dominic School
St. Dominic School

Our Students:
At St. Dominic School, we strive to create leaders. Children who, in their words, thoughts, and deeds, reflect confidence and competence, compassion and charisma. Students who look you in the eye when they speak, and listen respectfully when others do. Kids who know how to have fun, but not at others’ expense, and who’ve learned that the greatest way to show strength is through humility.

Our Environment:
Ours is a warm, nurturing, faith-based environment. Our families welcome, and feel welcomed. Our curriculum is challenging and innovative – on par with the most highly regarded educational institutions – but also fosters love of God and service to others. Our teachers inspire and encourage, challenge and cherish. We embrace diversity, arouse curiosity and encourage personal responsibility. With a strong intellectual and moral foundation, our students blossom and thrive, and become the leaders of tomorrow.