Financial Assistance

St. Dominic School
St. Dominic School

Financial Assistance is available for active St. Dominic parishioners only and is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Applications for assistance are issued each February and are handled by PSAS, an independent consulting firm that partners with Diocesan schools.

To apply, applicants must fill out the confidential documentation and submit it to PSAS by May 1st of the previous school year. PSAS reviews each application, determines a level of need on a family-by-family basis, and shares its findings with the Pastor of St. Dominic. Financial assistance is granted with these recommendations in mind, and the process is discreet and confidential. Applicants must apply annually for assistance.

EdChoice and EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Programs

St. Dominic participates in Ohio’s EdChoice and EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Programs for families in qualifying school districts. More information on this program and qualifying communities can be found at Ohio Department of Education School Options