Academic Life

Academic life

The Value of a Catholic Education

St. Dominic School’s rigorous curriculum follows the guidelines set by the Diocese of Cleveland, which align with – and often exceed – the Common Core State Standards and the standards for the State of Ohio. In 2017, we began our four year state Accreditation goal of increasing content literacy through STREAM education, focusing on Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Our new STREAM lab provides a physical space for students to collaborate on projects across content areas.

We teach all students at an accelerated pace, introducing new subjects as the children show signs of readiness, while devoting extra resources to those who need them. Technology is used to enhance and support learning.  Students in grades 5 - 8 have Chromebooks and the K - 4 students have access to class sets of iPads and Chromebooks. The curriculum includes Language Arts, Mathematics, Religion, Science, Social Studies, Art, Technology, Library, Music, Health and Physical Education, Spanish, and Band as an elective course.