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We inspire and develop leaders.

The true essence of St. Dominic is its ability to inspire and develop leaders. The school’s small size and family atmosphere ensure that each child finds a niche in which he/she is empowered to make a difference. Throughout the school year, students are rewarded for demonstrating qualities of leaders, whether in the classroom, on the playground, or in sports competitions. In addition, the following programs help to nurture the skills and attitudes of leaders from a young age.


A special early leadership program for 3rd graders, this eight-week special program has lessons that focus on anti-bullying topics such as The Power of Being Nice, Being a Good Friend, and Creating a Caring Community.

Prayer Partners

This immensely popular program pairs each child from the Elementry grades with a partner from the Junior High. The older students learn to guide and assist young children, while the younger students gain confidence in approaching their elder schoolmates. Our 4th Graders are paired with seniors from the parish, forming bonds of friendship and appreciation for the wisdom they offer. The result is a united, close-knit student body, where all ages know each other and interact happily.

Leadership Training

In Grades 7 and 8, all St. Dominic students attend interactive, leadership programs. The students learn to identify personal strengths, set goals, and effectively manage their time. Each year builds on the previous year's leadership principles, culminating in high school preparedness coaching for the 8th Grade, and students who are confident in their understanding of what it takes to be student leaders.

Community Service

St. Dominic encourages leadership through service and offers a variety of opportunities to involve students in causes for those less fortunate. This enables us to give back to the community in numerous ways. In their leaderhip programs, in their classrooms, and in their daily lives, St. Dominic students are encouraged to research and organize their own service projects to reach out to the community and develop a heart for those in need.

Leadership Program
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