Tuition Information


Tuition Overview

Tuition for St. Dominic School is determined each spring by the Parish Finance Council. The 2024 - 2025 tuition is $6165.  

A non-refundable Registration Fee of $120 is due for each student at the time of registration, and for each existing student with re-enrollment in February.

Annual Family Education Association dues of $65 per family, and a school supplies fee of $35 per child are due before school begins.

Payment Plans

St. Dominic School uses FACTS Financial for all of our tuition and billing.  FACTS offers a variety of payment plans for families to select.

Financial Assistance

All Ohio families are now eligible for an EdChoice Scholarship based on income. St. Dominic School encourages families to complete an application for EdChoice as the first step in financial assistance.

Angel Scholarship Fund

Families who need financial assistance are encouraged to apply for a scholarship that is paid for through the Angel Scholarship Fund.

Decisions about scholarship amounts are made by the school administration.